Environmental & Species Management Plans

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a site or project specific plan developed to ensure that all necessary measures are identified and implemented in order to protect environment values and usually to comply with environmental legislation. The development of a comprehensive and robust EMP is essential, in many cases, in obtaining the project approvals and permits.

Species management plans (SMPs) are similar to EMPs, in that the aim is to ensure all necessary measures are identified and implemented in order to protect a species, community or particular habitat.

Effective environmental management planning hinges on developing a complete understanding of the project or action, the potential impacts of the project, the values those impacts may occur upon and most importantly, the development of effective and practical mitigation measures and strategies that avoid or limit potential impacts.

At Leaf Global Environmental Services we have a significant amount of experience both developing and providing technical input into EMP/SMPs for a wide range of projects and species. We can offer the provision of the aquatic component of a lager EMP/CEMP or the development of the entire EMP/CEMP or species management plan. Where the EMP will require input from a range of technical specialists we can also develop and manage the team for you to streamline the process and provide a single primary point of contact and responsibility.


  • Environmental Management Planning (EMP)
  • Construction Environmental Plans (CEMP)
  • Operation Environmental Plans (OEMP)
  • Dredging Environmental Management Plans (DEMP)
  • Species Management Plans (SMP)
  • EMP/CEMP/SMP Environmental Monitoring and Site Supervision